Try Dating in Atlanta with These Apps!


Dating in Atlanta can be pretty rough but maybe, just maybe – we can get you hooked up on an app other than Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OK Cupid, or Time (ok the last one no one under 50 is on).

Per WalletHub’s Report of Best and Worst Cities for Singles, Atlanta is ranked #11 for best city for dating so we really must not be that bad! The League hosted their Atlanta launch party for the dating app last night and there are more apps available that we are all still learning about.

I came across a few other free dating apps that are technically new but definitely NEWER to the dating app playing field. Take a look at the details and let me know which one you’ve tried or plan to try for a new date!



This dating app is designed to get you out and about once you match, nothing more nothing less. Download the app, tag 3 restaurants you want to try and start matching. Each day they give you 5 matches. Once you match, the next step is strictly setting up your first meet up which should be over food! I signed up for this app and it looks really fun but I’m interested to see if I get a date!



Whooooooo! This app is really stepping out of the box with how they match people but it’s definitely making a point! The Hater Dating app is allows you to answer questions and select things that you hate to build your profile and matches. Just imagine, you are matching with someone who has the same pet peeves as you. It’s heaven!

Something else you may love about them, their #LoveThroughHate campaign from earlier this year channel many of the country’s political feelings toward Russiagate. Apparently, they are just following the feelings of their users.



Grab your passport and open mind! This dating app can take you around the world with a new homie, lover, or friend once you set up a profile sharing where you are or want to go. It’s like a not as obvious version of Seeking Arrangements if you play your cards right. This app is not just for women fellas!



Happn is the app version of Craiglist’s ‘Missed Connections‘ except not as weird. Whenever you cross paths with another member of the app, it will pop up and give you an opportunity to match. Here are a few tips for greater success on Happn that I think is applicable to the other apps as well!




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