The League is Real and Coming to Atlanta to Launch!

insecure the league atlanta

I think we all can remember when Molly from HBO’s Insecure dipped on Enterprise Jared once she was accepted in The League dating app. First suitor was trash, then she met Brudda Jidenna and well, you know how that ended….

Well, I came to find out from my Cousin in DC that The League dating app is in fact real! I signed up immediately, profile and all, only to discover it was not available in Atlanta yet. :heavy sigh: 

The League is a dating app meant to bring together the more elite and high class group of single people, eligible for a power couple status once together. At least that’s how I read it. The app launch in 2015 and has the same swipe mechanism as Tinder but prides itself on being much more exclusive.

Joining the app began as a referral system but now you can request to join and see what happens.

They have planned a 10-city Summer Series to introduce the public to the app and show off it’s diversity and appeal. Their hashtag #getmeofftinder is quite the laugh as well.

With that said, you heard it here first that you can request an invite to the Atlanta launch party HERE. Below you can see their scheduled launch cities and RSVP accordingly if you’re not in the Atlanta area. If I go, I’ll be sure to share deets of my experience!

the league launch sometimes in atl


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